Martin backs plan to scrap Universal Credit
Martin Whitfield MP has welcomed the announcement that a Labour government would scrap Universal Credit (UC) and replace it with a social security system that focuses on “alleviating and ending poverty, not driving people into it”.

The move comes after a year-long review into the social security system by Labour’s Work, Pensions and Equality Policy Commission. The review was led by Margaret Greenwood MP, co-convenor of the commission and Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

The latest figures from the House of Commons Li
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300 MPs now backing #DivestParliament
The Divest Parliament campaign, which calls on Parliament's pension fund to divest from fossil fuels, has announced that over 300 MPs (and 30 former MPs) from every party in Parliament have now signed its pledge.

Martin Whitfield MP pledged his support for the campaign earlier this year and has welcomed it reaching this important milestone of 300 MP supporters.

Commenting on the campaign, Martin Whitfield MP said:

"I am pleased to be one of the 300 cross-party MPs backing the #DivestParliament campaign. We must withdraw all politic
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Martin comments on Scottish population projections
Inward migration will be essential to ensure that Scotland’s population continues to grow, according to new official data.

The figures project there will be 240,000 more pensioners over the next 25 years, but the working age population will reduce by 7,000 people.

No natural growth is expected, and the figures do not take into account the potential impact of ‘political circumstances’.

In the 25 years to mid-2043, 51 per cent of net migration is projected to come from overseas and 49 per cent from the rest of the UK.

The figure
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Poll shows Scots support final say on Brexit
A Panelbase poll for the Sunday Times has found support among Scots for a final say on Brexit.

The paper reports that a poll of 1,003 people in Scotland shows that 46 per cent back a confirmatory referendum and 26 per cent support a General Election as a way out the mess, with don’t knows on 27 per cent.

Martin Whitfield MP said:

“The best way out of this constitutional crisis is to give the people of the UK a final say on Brexit.

“After months of parliamentary deadlock, it’s time for the people to decide.

“In the week
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Martin votes for Brexit deal delay
Martin Whitfield MP joined the majority of MPs in supporting a motion tabled by Sir Oliver Letwin that "withholds approval" for Boris Johnson's Brexit deal until legislation implementing it has been passed.

The Letwin amendment was carried by just 16 votes, by 322 to 306. It was due to be followed by a vote on the main government motion - whether or not to back the deal. But the motion, as amended, was approved by MPs without a vote, as the government effectively accepted defeat.

The Government will now move ahead with its Withdrawal Agre
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