Campaigning for a final say vote
Martin Whitfield MP has joined Iain Gray MSP and local Labour colleagues in supporting the Labour for a Public Vote National Campaign Day.

Mr Whitfield and Mr Gray were in North Berwick speaking to local people about why they believe there should be a final say public vote to break the Brexit deadlock and why they will back Remain in that vote.

Labour for a Public Vote is a campaigning body made up of Labour Party members and supporters working to stop a no deal Brexit, campaign for the UK to remain in the EU and put that to a vote of th
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Backing membership of UK & EU
Writing in the Scotsman newspaper, Martin Whitfield MP has set out why he belives that the SNP's current independence proposal is an extreme act of recklessness and even more damaging than their 2014 campaign under Alex Salmond.

In the article Mr Whitfield questions why, in light of the damage Brexit would cause, SNP politicians are willing to inflict deeper austerity and create further division by pursuing the break-up of the UK?

He argues that social cohesion in Scotland has been ruptured and economic growth stifled due to years of cons
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Parliamentarians back Second Hand September
Martin Whitfield MP and Iain Gray MSP have visited Oxfam’s Haddington shop to find out more about the charity’s new Second Hand September campaign.

The campaign aims to draw attention to the increasing pressure fast fashion is putting on the environment and asks the public to buy second hand instead of new for at least one month.

The textile industry produces more greenhouse gas emissions than the shipping and aviation industries combined and, to keep prices low, throwaway fashion is often made by garment workers from the world’s po
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Call for action on retail crime welcomed
Martin Whitfield MP has welcomed a new report highlighting the extent of violence and aggression against retail workers and calling for fresh government action to help tackle it.

The report claims crime against retail workers has reached ‘epidemic’ proportions, with Home Office figures showing that assaults and threats committed against the wholesale and retail sector increased almost threefold from 524 incidents per 1,000 premises in 2016, to 1,433 in 2017.

According to the report's author, criminologist Dr Emmeline Taylor from City
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Updating residents in Prestonpans
Martin Whitfield MP has continued his summer campaign activity by delivering thousands of copies of his latest newsletter to households in Prestonpans.

The MP has been distributing the newsletter in communities across the constituency over recent weeks providing an udpate on some of his recent work serving East Lothian here and at Westminster.

Martin Whitfield MP said:

"I want to get the message out to constituents that I'm on their side and am working hard to meet my election promise to always put East Lothian's interests first.

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