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Saying no to no-deal
Martin Whitfield MP has today highlighted the growing threat a no-deal Brexit poses to industries in Scotland, including the fishing industry.

Speaking at Scotland Office questions in the Commons, Mr Whitfield raised the issue with the Secretary of State for Scotland and urged the Government to say no to no-deal.

Martin Whitfield MP said:

"The Government is trying desperately to present the defeat of the Prime Minister's withdrawal deal as opening the door to a no-deal Brexit instead. This is a false choice because the Government, and
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Backing call for People's Vote
Martin Whitfield MP is among more than 70 Labour MPs who have today signed a statement which supports putting the Brexit decision ‘back to the people for a final say, in a public vote, with the option to stay and keep the deal that we have’.

The statement supports the party's decision to vote against Theresa May's deal and the subsequent decision to move a vote of no-confidence in the Government in an attempt to force a general election.

It goes on to state that if the no confidence vote is unsuccessful, then the issue of Brexit shou
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Martin votes against May’s Brexit deal
Martin Whitfield MP joined the majority of his parliamentary colleagues this evening to vote against Theresa May’s EU withdrawal deal, inflicting a 432 to 202 defeat on the Government.

Mr Whitfield, who is a strong supporter of a People’s Vote, has received over 1,500 emails from constituents about the deal, with the overwhelming majority urging him to oppose it and give the public the final say on Brexit.

Speaking after the vote, Martin Whitfield MP said:

“The Prime Minister’s deal was bad for East Lothian, bad for Scotland an
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Life saving lottery grant welcomed
Martin Whitfield MP has welcomed the announcement that Dunbar Surf Life Saving Club has received a lottery award of £10,000 to support a new surf lifesaving patrol for Dunbar beach.

The grant will help the club train its volunteers in outdoor water rescue to join the first community-led voluntary patrol of its kind in Scotland.

Martin Whitfield MP said:

"This is fantastic news for Dunbar and everyone who participates in surfing and swimming at the town's beach. Dunbar Surf Life Saving Club does great work and this Awards for All Scot
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Speech on Brexit meaningful vote
Speaking during the debate on the meaningful vote on the Government's EU withdrawal deal, Martin Whitfield MP outlined his position against the deal, urged Parliament to rule out a no-deal Brexit and re-iterated his support for a People's vote to give the public the final say on Brexit.

After the debate, Martin Whitfield MP said:

"Today I was pleased to finally have the opportunity to speak on the Government's flawed Brexit deal and why I will vote against it and continue to press for a People's Vote to give the public the final say on Br
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