Martin Whitfield MP is backing a campaign to ban the import of hunting ‘trophies’ into the UK.
Mr Whitfield has joined nearly 100 colleagues in signing Early Day Motion 1829 which urges the government to commit to halt the importing of hunting trophies as a matter of urgency.
Martin Whitfield MP said:
“Several constituents have contacted me about the appalling activity of wildlife trophy hunting. They have expressed the view that it is cruel, barbaric, and is helping to push some of the world’s most endangered wildlife ever closer towards extinction.
“They have also highlighted that British trophy hunters have killed hundreds of endangered lions, hippos, leopards, rhinos, zebras and other animals in recent years, and brought their ‘trophies’ back to this country.
“I agree entirely that trophy hunting is cruel and should be stopped, and have added my name to parliamentary Early Day Motion 1829, which calls for a ban on the import of hunting trophies into Britain. This would be an important step in helping bring an end to this terrible industry and I hope the government will listen and act.”
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