Martin Whitfield MP has again voted against the Prime Minister’s proposed EU withdrawal agreement, on the second meaningful vote in Parliament.

Mrs May’s deal was defeated for a second time, by a margin of 149 votes. Mr Whitfield spoke out against the deal during the debate on the Prime Minister’s plans declaring he would vote against the deal in order to serve the interests of East Lothian and its next generation.

Speaking after the vote, Martin Whitfield MP said:

“Nothing had changed with the Prime Minister’s deal since we last voted on it back in January. It remains a bad deal, one fraught with uncertainty and which risks letting down people here in East Lothian and across the UK.

“Therefore, I joined the majority of parliamentary colleagues in voting to reject the deal a second time. I will now vote against no-deal today and continue to urge a final say public vote as the only fair and democratic way to resolve this Brexit logjam.”

You can watch Mr Whitfield’s contribution to the debate here.