County MP Martin Whitfield has co-signed an open letter to the people of Scotland ahead of next week’s European elections, setting out in clear terms why voters should back Labour.

The letter is signed by Scottish Labour’s longest serving parliamentarian, David Martin MEP, as well as over 50 per cent of Scottish Labour MPs.


As elected politicians we firmly believe that it is in the UK and Scotland’s best interest to continue to play an integral role at the heart of the European union. That is why the European Elections are so important.

There is no doubt that the overriding issue at the moment is Brexit, but we must also be mindful as voters that we are electing our representatives in the European Parliament potentially for the next five years.

We are very proud of the manifesto produced by the European wide Party of European Socialist (PES) grouping of which the Scottish and UK Labour Party MEPs are the only members from the UK affiliated.

That manifesto can be read here:

It has always been the PES socialist grouping that has championed the issues that matter both here and across Europe. That should not be lost in these elections.

Four notable highlights of the manifesto are:

1. Tax and pay – the socialist group want an EU wide response to ensuring that the large multinational firms such as Google, Amazon and Facebook pay their fair share in taxation. There will also be a legislative commitment on pay to tackle the gender pay gap.
2. The environment – we must work across the EU to reduce European co2 emissions and continue to use the power of the EU on the international scene to influence other countries to do the same. We also propose to ban fracking and single-use plastic containers.
3. Your rights – we want to protect and enhance worker and consumer rights across the EU, from improving maternity and paternity leave to building on the transformative consumer rights like roaming mobile phone charges and pan-European travel protections.
4. Keeping the EU together for a progressive future.

Of course, this socialist group manifesto can only be delivered and benefit Scottish citizens by both electing socialist group MEPs through the Labour Party AND remaining in the EU.

We believe that remaining in the EU is non-negotiable and we will help deliver that through a public confirmatory vote on any deal agreed by parliament, to give you a final say. That is putting the national interest first and foremost.

We believe in a public vote to allow revocation, renewal and reform.

Let’s elect MEPs who believe in a better future leading and not leaving the EU.


David Martin MEP
Callum O’Dwyer, Scottish Labour MEP candidate
Ian Murray MP
Martin Whitfield MP
Ged Killen MP
Paul Sweeney MP, Shadow Scotland Office Minister