Yesterday, Martin Whitfield MP led a Commons debate on invisbile disabilities and associated accessibility challenges.

Mr Whitfield used the backbench debate to highlight the campaigning activity of constituent Grace Warnock, as well as the newly launched ‘Any Disability’ sign which builds on Grace’s original design for helping raise awareness of the needs of those living with unseen disabilities.

The Government’s response was very positive, with the DWP Minsiter Justin Tomlinson offering glowing feedback on the work that has been undertaken to develop the new sign.

Speaking after the debate, Martin Whitfield MP said:

“I was honoured to lead this debate in the main chamber of the House of Commons. It had received a record level of support from parliamentary colleagues and there were some excellent contributions made on a wide range of issues. 
“Leading the debate allowed me the privilege of speaking for longer than usual and I was able to cover a lot of ground in the time available. One of the first things I highlighted was the inspiration behind my pursuit of this issue, Grace Warnock and her Grace’s Sign campaign, which has done si much to raise awareness and understanding on this matter.

“I also spoke about the new Any Disability sign and the ambition for it to become recognised as the accepted sign for accessible facilities, including toilets, parking spaces and assistance points. The Minister was certainly very positive in his response, so I’m hopeful that we will be able to move forward quickly with this important agenda.”

 Full details of the debate can be found on Hansard.