The BBC has announced that the TV licence concession for over-75s will in future be linked to Pension Credit, a move set to affect some three million pensioner households in the UK, including 5,640 in East Lothian.

Responding to the news, Martin Whitfield MP said: 

“This announcement is a huge blow to thousands of pensioners here in East Lothian, Scotland and across the whole of the UK.

“More than 5,500 pensioner households here are set to lose their entitlement to a free licence despite what the Tories promised at the last election.

“Their manifesto commitment is in tatters and older people’s charities are rightly warning that many people over 75 will now be at increased risk of isolation and loneliness.   

“I was completely opposed to any change to the licence and remain firmly of the belief that the Government was wrong to outsource social policy to the BBC in this way.”