Martin Whitfield MP has signed up to support Youth Employment UK’s new Youth Friendly MP Charter.

The initiative was launched last month and aims to help MPs better understand the barriers and challenges facing young people in their constituencies.

In May Youth Employment UK published their 2019 Youth Voice Census, a survey capturing the experiences of more than 3000 14-24-year old’s as they transition between education and employment.

The survey revealed that young people fear that where they live, a lack of experience, and a perceived lack of jobs, as well as mental health challenges, will prevent them from finding work.

Youth Employment UK wants to support MPs to better understand that their power and influence at a local level can help address these barriers so that all young people have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Speaking about his support for the Charter, Martin Whitfield MP said:

“The transition from school or college into the world of work is one of the most challenging periods of life, with young people often facing numerous barriers.

“This Charter is an excellent initiative encouraging MPs to do everything we can to support young people in our own areas to meet these challenges and overcome the barriers.

“I’m delighted to have added my support to the Charter and will certainly be doing my best to help put its principles into practice as well as playing my part in the charge for Youth Friendly Communities.”

Signing the Charter pledges MPs to support to five key principles of youth employment based upon the Youth Friendly Employer Mark:

Youth Voice – listening to young people in order to understand their barriers and challenges to employment, and work to help them to overcome these challenges.

Developing Young People – supporting quality learning and development opportunities for all young people, advocating education and training pathways that meet the needs of individuals.

Creating Opportunities – Supporting good quality youth employment and recognising those Youth Friendly Employers that are leading the way in offering quality early careers, work experience and employment opportunities to young people.

Recognising Young Talent – Celebrating the important role young people play in our local economy as employees, apprentices, and graduates, and their role in our local community through social action and volunteering.

Fair Employment – Helping to ensure that young people are treated fairly in the work they do.

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