Martin Whitfield MP has co-sponsored a Parliamentary Early Day Motion (EDM) endorsing a letter of support expressing solidarity with the four Democratic Congresswomen attacked this week by President Donald Trump.

The letter, organised by the Hope Not Hate campaign and sent to Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley, condemns Mr Trump’s tweets in which he suggested the women should “go back” to their home countries – despite all four being American citizens.

It also states that the four Congresswomen embody the best of America, that its diversity is its strength and that the signatories stand in solidarity with them.

Speaking about his support for the letter and the EDM, Martin Whitfield MP said:

“Decent-minded people around the world have been horrified by President Trump’s blatantly racist tweets and remarks about the four Congresswomen. 

“They are totally unacceptable and “un-American”, with most US citizens agreeing his tweets were racist and offensive.

“It’s absolutely right that we here in the UK stand in solidarity with the Congresswomen, and I’m proud to have co-sponsored the EDM for MPs to express their support for them.”

The full motion reads as follows:

That this House endorses the letter of support put together by the Hope Not Hate campaign expressing solidarity with, and for, Representative Rashida Tlaib, Representative Ilhan Omar, Representative Ayanna Pressley and Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez; condemns without equivocation the inflammatory, hurtful and racist comments from the President of the United States; expresses its solidarity with the democratically elected Members of Congress that the President of the USA targeted with his appalling comments; rededicates itself to standing up for tolerance, inclusion and diversity and pledges to fight bigotry and hatred wherever it finds it, at home and abroad; and reiterates the call and need for national parliaments and legislatures, across the world, to look like the communities they seek to serve.