Martin Whitfield MP has hosted a drop-in event at Westminster to promote the new Any Disability sign to parliamentary colleagues.

Around 50 MPs attended the drop-in to show their support and commit to helping to promote the new sign, which has evolved from the Grace’s Sign created by Grace Warnock, in their own constituencies.

The event follows the launch of the sign last month and Mr Whitfield’s subsequent establishment of an All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Any Disability Signage to help drive the issue forward in Parliament.

Speaking after the drop-in, Martin Whitfield MP said:

I was proud to promote the newly created Any Disability Sign to colleagues in Parliament at this drop-in event.

“The new design is really taking off and it received a fantastic reception at the drop-in. Dozens of colleagues from across the UK stopped by to offer their support and encouragement with the sign’s rollout

“It builds on the work of Grace Warnock and her invisible disabilities sign and sends a powerful message that not all disabilities are visible.

“The new All-Party Parliamentary Group will seek to spread the word about the Any Disability Sign to new audiences and encourage its adoption as widely as possible.”

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