Martin Whitfield MP has challenged the Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell to set out what he will do to help ensure Scotland remains part of the UK.

Mr Whitfield made his point at this month’s Scottish Questions, just hours before Boris Johnson was due to become the UK’s new Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson’s stance on the union has been called into question during the course of the Tory leadership battle, with former Prime Minister Gordon Brown stating he could be remembered as the ‘first Prime Minister of England’.

Speaking after Scottish Questions, Martin Whitfield MP said:

“One of the numerous question marks over Boris Johnson’s premiership is his commitment to the future of the UK, with even senior Scottish Tories expressing anxiety about his potential impact on the union.

“His ignorance of Scotland and his determination to force through a no-deal Brexit, against the clear wishes of the majority of Scots, make him a real threat to Scotland’s place in the UK.

“Scottish Questions was the ideal opportunity to challenge the Secretary of State about what he will do to help ensure that Scotland remains an integral part of the union.”