Local MP Martin Whitfield is calling on residents to think smart about their energy use, as he became the latest convert to smart meters after getting an installation at his home in Prestonpans.

Over 17,500 houses in East Lothian have now received the upgrade. The smart meter rollout, which is being led by energy suppliers, aims to deliver a greener, modernised energy system for the country.

Smart meters come with an in-home display, which allows you to see in pounds and pence how much you are spending on energy in near real-time. Meter readings are sent automatically to your supplier, bringing an end to estimated bills, and for pre-payment customers smart meters upgrade the whole experience, with many new ways to easily top up credit.

Independent research suggests that three quarters of smart meter households are using them to take more action to reduce energy use, and 80% say they have a better idea of what they are spending on energy.

Mr Whitfield, who sits on the Parliament’s Science and Technology Committee, is showing his support for the initiative following his installation and demonstration by local Smart Energy Expert, Michael Fyffe, who installs smart meters in homes across the region and has been specially trained to help customers better understand their energy use.

The county’s MP is now urging local residents to contact their energy supplier to book an installation and play their part in bringing about the smart energy system of the future.

Martin Whitfield MP said:

“I’m very pleased to have finally got my smart meter upgrade. As well as bringing an end to estimated bills, smart meters put people in control of their energy use and that’s why it’s positive to hear that many homes in East Lothian have already embraced the technology.

“A modern, greener energy system is going to make a big difference to households and to the country, so I’d encourage everyone to find out more about the benefits of smart meters.”

Scottish Gas Smart Energy Expert, Michael Fyffe, said:

“Getting smart meters installed means you can see how much gas and electricity you’re using so you can stop using energy you don’t need. Small changes, like unplugging electronics when they are not in use, and only filling the kettle with the water you need, can save energy.”

Iagan MacNeil, Smart Energy GB, Scotland said:

“The smart meter rollout is making really good progress in Scotland and the benefits of a smarter energy system are already beginning to be seen. We want every household in East Lothian to feel more in control of their energy usage and spend with a smart meter, so do request your upgrade from your supplier.”