Speaking during yesterday’s debate on the petition opposing the prorogation of Parliament, Martin Whitfield MP backed the view of the 3,800 East Lothian residents who had signed the petition against the shut down.

The Westminster Hall debate gave MPs the opportunity to reflect the views of their constituents on this critical issue, which sees Parliament closed from today until Monday 14th October against the wishes of most MPs.

More than 1,720,000 people across the UK have now signed the petition against prorogation.

Martin Whitfield MP said:

“This shutdown of Parliament is totally undemocratic and leaves my constituents and all of the UK’s citizens without a voice in Parliament at this most critical time for the country’s future.

“It has been forced through because the Government simply does not have the answers on Brexit or any of the other urgent issues it is facing. It cannot deal with the scrutiny that it would face if Parliament was sitting and so chose to shut it down instead.

“It is a disgrace that the Government has got away with this at a time when we desperately need to hold Ministers to account for their actions.”

You can watch some of Martin’s contribution to the debate here or read his full speech at http://bit.ly/31dI1ug