A Panelbase poll for the Sunday Times has found support among Scots for a final say on Brexit.

The paper reports that a poll of 1,003 people in Scotland shows that 46 per cent back a confirmatory referendum and 26 per cent support a General Election as a way out the mess, with don’t knows on 27 per cent.

Martin Whitfield MP said:

“The best way out of this constitutional crisis is to give the people of the UK a final say on Brexit.

“After months of parliamentary deadlock, it’s time for the people to decide.

“In the week ahead there will be a cross-party attempt to secure an amendment for a final say on Brexit, and the SNP must urgently reflect on the support across Scotland for this and get fully behind the drive to let people take back control.

“Once we have secured a confirmatory referendum, Scottish Labour will campaign tirelessly to keep the best deal we already have as a member of the EU.”