Local Labour Party branches have unanimously chosen Martin Whitfield to continue as the party’s candidate at the next general election.

Mr whitfield, who has served as East Lothian’s MP since the last election in June 2017, will now go forward as Labour’s candidate here whenever the next election is called.

Speaking after the decision, Martin Whitfield MP said:

“Being chosen as Labour’s candidate in 2017 and having the opportunity to serve East Lothian since then has been one of the greatest honours of my life, and I have enjoyed every moment of the job so far.

“I’ve done my utmost to fulfil my promise to be a dedicated and accessible local MP and always put East Lothian first. That has included standing up for the views of the majority of local people on Brexit and against breaking up the UK.

“Now that local Labour members have backed me as our candidate, I’ll be working as hard as possible to convince local people to also put their faith in me to continue serving them as East Lothian’s MP.”